We pride ourselves on our sensitive use of our water supplies. Most of the water used to wash a car at Eagle Auto Wash is softened, treated, and all of it is recycled. In fact, we use far less water to wash your car (appox. 30 gals.) than you would use washing at home, which is 162 gallons. Our wash water and cleaning solutions are collected and safely reused whereas the water used to wash a car at home goes into the storm drains without treatment and ends up in your lakes, ponds and rivers where it pollutes the environment.





At Eagle, we reclaim all the water used to wash vehicles, as well as that used to clean towels. The reclaimed water is reprocessed through a six section reclaim system which allows for the natural removal of impurities. That water is used in our “flooder arch” and our “high pressure arch”, as well as in the underbody flush and high pressure under body wash, our high volume water consumption areas.





In addition, we use softened water in the preparation process, before the vehicle proceeds down the conveyor. We use spot free rinse water, using a reverse osmosis process, to obtain that water, as the final rinse. The “waste water” from the reverse osmosis (RO) process is, also, reclaimed and used in the wash/preliminary rinse process.





We use biodegradable soaps, detergents, and waxes at Eagle to help assure minimal impact on our environment.  

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