Every vehicle undergoes a through a multi-step cleaning process at Eagle. Just drive in, you will be met by a greeter who will explain the Eagle menu and recommend the most appropriate services for your vehicle. You will leave your vehicle with one of our attendants and proceed to a clean, bright lobby from which you can watch your vehicle being cleaned by our professional staff.





Initially, the floors (carpets) and seats are thoroughly vacuumed. Ashtrays are emptied and floor mats cleaned, as desired. Vehicles are loaded onto a 120 foot conveyor to undergo the wash process, as the vehicle is driven onto the conveyor, a correlator gently adjusts the location of the front tires so that they are aligned with the conveyor. Special cleaning agents are applied to remove bugs or other hard to remove dirt and grime. Using high pressure spray guns (1800 psi) and hot soapy water, attendants clean hard to reach places, in and around wheels and bumpers. Cleaning compounds are applied to clean custom chrome or alloy wheels and special cleaning agents are applied to whitewall or white letter tires, as desired. The vehicle is electronically measured for accurate application of cleaning agents during the computerized cleaning process.





The vehicle begins its journey through the wash tunnel. It proceeds through a “flooder arch” which pours over 250 gallons of water a minute over the vehicle to soften dirt and grime (as well as bird droppings)and an underbody flush occurs. The vehicle then proceeds through a “high pressure arch” during which a high pressure spray (1200 psi) is applied to all six sides of the vehicle (top, bottom, front, back and each side) to knock off the dirt and grime softened by the “flooder arch.” The vehicle has now been cleaned on a “touch free” basis.





Cleaning and buffing agents, as well as a foam polish wax, if requested, are now applied as the sides, front and back are buffed out utilizing a set of side body gentle foam wraps and two sets of tall wraps (one set rotating clockwise and the other counter-clockwise for thorough cleaning and buffing). An additional coat of wax (a poly sealant) is applied, if requested. Tire cleaners are applied as the vehicle moves toward tire brushes set to clean the tires only, those are the only bristle brushes in the wash process. Those brushes are under a friction curtain that will clean and buff out the top, moving from side to side over the top. The sides are again buffed out one last time with the final set of soft cloth wraps. The third coat of wax is applied, if requested, and an underbody rust inhibitor applied.





A clear water rinse occurs and a drying agent applied to assist in the drying process. A spot free rinse then occurs as the final step before drying. The vehicle passes through a dryer that utilizes 90 mile per hour air pressure to dry the vehicle.





Attendants towel dry the exterior and then move the vehicle to the final detailing area. Attendants then thoroughly clean the windows, wipe down the dash, wipe out door jams and finish by applying any tire treatments or dressings that may have been requested. The vehicle will be returned to you with a bright, sparkling exterior and a clean interior for your final inspection. Come and experience the unique Eagle cleaning process for yourself.  

Profile in Success - January 2009

Rated Top in Topeka
By Jim and Elaine Norland

Tom Enstrom was so picky about his own car’s finish and appearance that he equipped the garage

in the new home he was building 25 years ago so he could wash his car indoors.

Before he moved to Topeka, KS, Enstrom, an insurance executive, had come close to buying a

car wash on the East Coast. Not long after his westward move, Enstrom began building a

full-service tunnel wash to provide professional car cleaning for others. His Eagle Auto Wash

has been thriving ever since and consistently wins community recognition as the area’s

“Best Car Wash.”

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