When you’re little, playing in water can be fun and washing a car can be a real treat; however, when you’re older, taking your car to a professional car wash can be even more fun. It’s easy, inexpensive, and saves you a lot of time. Many people, however, wonder if professional car washes are safe for your automobile’s paint job. After all, cars cost a lot of money and no one wants to harm their automobile’s paint finish. Well, the good news is that they are. In fact, drive through car washes might even be safer than hand washing. Some studies have shown that, “a single home hand-wash can leave scratches in your finish as deep as 1/10 of the paints total thickness."





Whether it be rain or shine…..Regular, frequent professional washing is your best defense against costly acid rain and UV ray damage. To further protect your investment, clear coat treatments and professional waxing will ensure your vehicle’s shine and value.


Rain and natural moisture impurities combine in the atmosphere to form an acid that can be deposited on your car’s finish. As these acidic puddles dry, they eat away at your car`s finish. Left unprotected, your car’s finish becomes pitted and damaged, allowing rust to form underneath the surface of your car’s paint.


The sun’s powerful UV rays are constantly attacking your car’s finish. These rays cause your car’s finish to deteriorate at a faster rate, leaving it exposed to other harmful elements. With your car’s finish unprotected, it can dry out and age prematurely, reducing the value of your vehicle.




Eagle Auto Wash’s system is the most unique in our industry. Gone are the concerns of our customers for the potential of damage done to vehicles using conventional brushes that scrub more than dirt off your vehicle. We use soap in conjunction with water pressure and some gentle foam to loosen and remove dirt buildup on your vehicle’s surface. Our Full Service Wash process also includes vacuuming, cleaning of interior and exterior windows, and complete towel drying of your vehicle’s exterior.





All our wash equipment is controlled by a sophisticated tunnel computer system with electronic sensors that ensures not only a safe wash but also guarantees a consistent clean car every time you visit.





Our Process of Gentle Foam Washing and Conditioned Water insures a Safe and High Luster Finish.





Did you know the most important part of your car’s finish is clear? It’s called a clear coat finish which provides shine and protection over the pigmented base coat. But like all painted surfaces, it needs to be regularly cleaned and conditioned to maintain that shine and protection.


With regular care it will stay invisible. A neglected clear coat finish turns dull and hazy at best, requiring extensive reconditioning to “bring it back to life.” At worst, the results of neglect can mean a new paint job.